Three New Mesoscale Datasets in EMD-API

Image: Spatial domain for the CERRA mesoscale data with avg. wind speeds at 100m from January 2012.

We have added three European high-resolution mesoscale datasets to the EMD-API: NORA3, NEWA and CERRA: If you have access to the EMD-API mesoscale package, these datasets are now available to you for free. If you do not have access to the mesoscale data package (and you would like to test these datasets) – please contact us.

Rate-limiting Constraint in EMD-API
As you might recall, the standard EMD-API license does not allow for parallel processing of data-requests from a single API access token. Until now, this has not been enforced on our API-servers. However, with this update, we have added a rate-limiting constraint (a maximum number of requests within a 10-minute period). This is to ensure that our shared bandwidth and processing capacity is distributed fairly between all users – so we can access the service within a reasonable timeframe – and that a large number of requests from a single user are not blocking access for the rest of us. You will likely not be influenced by this rate-limiter, but if you see the error-code ‘ERROR 429: The user has sent too many requests…” – then just wait a bit – and you and the API will be ready again.